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"All, everything that I understand,

I understand only because I love." - Leo Tolstoy


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Therese is a Psychic Medium (Intuitive Consultant) based in New York City.  A natural and trained psychic medium, she only works with the best intentions and is skilled in her psychic abilities as well as in spirit communication.  Because she is also a trained psychic, Therese is not only clairvoyant but also uses all of her paraphysical senses to ensure you receive an accurate and detailed psychic reading.  Mediumship, the art of spirit communication, is one of the mains areas she has developed.  A competent, caring and professional psychic- medium in NYC, she offers psychic readings out of a convenient NYC downtown Manhattan location.  Most of her her clients come from New York and the surrounding area and have reported readings with Therese to be 80% - 100% accurate.  Click here to read What to Bring and What to Expect from your psychic reading.

As a professional Intuitive Consultant, Therese abides by the highest ethical standards.  She currently offers psychic readings in the NYC area and by appointment only.  She is also available on short term notice.  To schedule an appointment for your psychic reading, please visit the Contact Me page.


About Therese

In a city such as New York, it may be difficult to recommend and choose who to go to get an accurate psychic reading.  Luckily, Therese is a professional, compassionate and loving being who is strongly rooted and guided by her natural intuitive capabilities - those of which she has further developed during related psychic development classes.  She regards her work as a professional and ethical psychic medium to be one of service to humanity, communicating with spirits and the Divine Parent with the best and highest intentions for all.

At a very early age Therese realized that she had always been able to see and communicate with particular spirits that seemed to always be around her.  Oblivious to why she was able to do this, she freely allowed it to be incorporated as a positive part of her life.

After a significant out of body experience, Therese felt compelled to journey through a path of deep spirituality and want of understanding the larger meaning of life and its purpose.  A constant learning experience, she is continuing on her path of personal growth and spiritual development. 

Therese has taken and completed the Psychic Development course at Holistic Studies Institute in New York City and has been certified by the Holistic Studies Institute.  She continues to train at The Arthur Findlay College - "The World's Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences" in Stansted, UK.  She currently is pursuing additional training and certification in the areas of mediumship, spiritual and holistic work from other organizations, programs, courses and workshops, including an intensive workshop with internationally known medium John Holland.

Additionally, you can check out the Psychic Development section and even find out how you can develop your intuition.

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